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This podcast week is a little different because there is not a new episode of Between Headlines. Truthfully, I couldn’t imagine talking about anything other than the rise in anti-Asian violence and racism and I have continued to reflect on my conversation with Amanda Nguyen. So instead of starting a new conversation, let’s continue to amplify the one we are having right now. Anti-Asian hate simply must stop.

Last week’s events in Atlanta horrified and shocked me, and devastatingly there have been reoccurring stories — elderly asian people attacked in the street from coast to coast, a young mother attacked with her daughter on the way to the AAPI support rally in NYC, hateful messages and letters received by the Asian community around the world. It’s heartbreaking. But it’s the reality.

It is a privilege for me to learn about racism rather than experience it. Simply put, I will never know what it actually feels like, but I know that I can listen and learn and I can speak up. So, instead of releasing a new episode on another topic this week, I am encouraging everyone to listen to my last Between Headlines with @amandanyugen (episode 14).

If you have already listened, please share it with your family and friends and continue reading about the Asian American Pacific Islander experience. I am sharing resources below.

Finally, I am putting my money where my mouth is (and I hope you do too). I’ll be matching your donations to AAPI support organizations up to $500 total. Share your receipts with me and I’ll share mine. I’ve linked a few incredible organizations helping uplift the hurting AAPI community.

It’s the very least we can do.


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"A Rising Tide of Hate and Violence against Asian Americans in New York during COVID-19: Impact, Causes, Solutions" by the Asian American Bar Association of New York

Asian Women Are Facing a Terrifying Rise in Hate Incidents

Asian Americans Are Scared For a Reason


Vetted list of organizations by New York Magazine:

Where I'm donating:

Send Chinatown Love

Asian Pacific Recovery Fund:

Asian Mental Health Collective

APICHA Community Health Center

Help Us Stop Asian Hate by @StopAsianHate

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