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  • Alison Hall


Ken Irving is a well-known Canadian business leader, successful entrepreneur and above all, a father and husband. After stepping back as the CEO of Irving Oil in 2010, Ken also stepped away from the limelight. But in 2017, Ken opened up for the first time in an emotional short documentary with Between Headlines host, Alison, who subsequently shared the video with Canada's The Globe and Mail who released their own additional reporting. In the revealing interviews, Ken laid bare his journey with his mental health and the difficult dynamics of his family business.

In this episode of Between Headlines, Alison and Ken discuss the aftermath of the published stories, while following up and reflecting on the meaning of what it meant for moving forward for him and his family. Ken shares how he hopes his story helps others come forward about their own battles and tells the inspiring story of starting a business out of a deeply difficult and personal experience. Most importantly, Ken is the father of four incredible daughters who are forging their own unique paths. He shares how they rallied together through 2020 while his youngest daughter battled leukemia and what it meant for his close-knit family.

Alison's 2017 interview with Ken, published by The Globe and Mail

Erin Anderssen of The Globe and Mail's story

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