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  • Alison Hall

EPISODE EIGHTEEN: MARIA SHUVALOVA - A Ukrainian Perspective on the Russian Invasion

Mariia Shuvalova is a Ukrainian PHD candidate, professor, translator, wife and daughter. She fled her home in Kyiv during the initial stages of the Russian invasion and has been sheltering with relatives in an undisclosed location within Ukraine. Mariia shares what it's really like to leave home, the fear of the unknown and how Ukrainians are feeling about continually defending their right to exist.

If Mariia's story resonates with you, please consider donating to the Ukrainian Defense Fund or Come Back Alive Ukraine:

Mariia is also collecting funds to purchase bulletproof vests. You can donate to her directly through wire transfer through Western Union. Find out more at her instagram @_maria_shuvalova

All episodes edited for clarity and length.

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